Every part of every technical instrument has a certain lifespan. Coming close to the end of the lifespan, the part will still work, but the possibility is higher that it fails in the future. Also, external influences, improper use or the end of lifespan can reduce the reliability and system availability of a STAR Line instrument. The aim of STARwatch is to detect this point on parts of a STAR Line instrument. Once detected, the service organisation is informed and in cooperation with the customer, the part gets exchanged before it actually fails. This allows the customer to best fit the service interventions into his instrument schedule.

Using the STARwatch software, working with an automation system in the laboratory becomes safer and more efficient:
• Increased system availability through proactive intervention
• No workflow interruption
• Planable service visits
• Shorter service reaction time
• STARwatch is available as an option on “Gold” service contracts or during warranty

Hamilton provides a technical comfort zone to our customers.

Significant reduction of system downtime with STARwatch

STARwatch downtime